Not into short-term trends?

Go against the grain with end-grain wood: an enchanting natural material that offers lasting enjoyment. The 30 x 30 cm tabletop is available in natural or smoked oak. The black powder-coated metal frame is 52 cm high.


End-grain wood is a unique material that’s used in furniture design to lend a piece of furniture its unique character. Thanks to its instantly recognisable characteristics – circular growth rings, and cracks – end-grain wood is easy to spot. A tree trunk is cut into sections at a 90° angle to get cross-sectional slabs of wood to work with. Each resulting slab of wood is as unique as the tree it is cut from. The use of distinctive end-grain wood is a dominant style element of this NATURE side table, which embodies quality craftsmanship and adds a touch of unique elegance to any interior.

The Production

The oak blocks we use are 100% sourced from German forests.

First, the damp oak slabs are cut into 4 mm thick surface layers using a band saw after which they get dried in our own drying chamber. The unique cracks are created by the wood twisting and shrinking naturally during the drying process.

The correct processing and dimensional stability require special skills and craftsmanship. The extraordinary thing about this material is the thickness of the top layer, which we cut to 4 mm. The visually and haptically unique effect of solid wood can only be achieved with these sawn end-grain panels.

The solid end-grain wood elements are then pressed onto a black impregnated substrate (MDF) on both sides.

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