Already around 1400 BC, glass was used for vessels in Egypt. With the upcoming Gothic period, it became a material for windows in the 12th century. Only around 1900, man invented methods to produce flat glass. Since then, manufacture continuously advanced.


Wood is familiar to us like no other material. There is almost no trade which could do without wood. Used for tools, as a table, or as a material to work – wood warms us, protects us against cold, against heat. Paper, a product made of wood, bears and conserves information; we eat and drink from wooden tables, sit on wooden chairs and sleep in beds made of wood. We play with wooden toys, music instruments made of wood.

All natural wood surfaces can be lacquered, scumbled or stained to obtain the desired colour. Another way to treat wood surfaces is to apply special waxes or oils to preserve the natural touch. Ronald Schmitt Design offers a broad range of wood types and colours.


Lacquering is the most common way of treating surfaces. Such surfaces are of captivating beauty and meet the highest de- mands. We use high-quality lacquers which are at the same time environmentally friendly; they are applied in several layers. Lacquer protects the surface against environmental influences, and it is often a question of design to use it for furniture. Fur- thermore, a broad range of colours available offers the custo- mer the possibility to obtain a very individual piece of furniture adapted to his needs.

Concrete coating


IMOLA fabric



Metal is like stone, wood, and glass one of the main materials used. Wood is reputed to be warm, as it “lives“, while metal is comparably cold, technical. However, the possibilities offered by metal are a lot more numerous, and a lot more costly than the ones of wood. Since long, metal is not only used, where certain practical purposes and needs have to be met, e.g. steel bridges or vehicles, but as well for furniture, decoration, and jewellery. Metal is a collective term for the chemical elements which are heavier than water, gleam like metal and conduct heat and electricity. Metal and alloys used for our products: