We live in a time in which many things seem to be interchangeable, where many products are uniform and arbitrary, and where an awareness for honest materials and loving craftsmanship is dwindling. The joy of long-term use of high-quality products is becoming less important, it seems.

We are convinced that even is these times, home is a special place for everyone. Ronald Schmitt addresses people who have a feeling for quality and know exactly what they want and how they want it. They are, of course, all different, but at the same time they have something that unites them. They like to enjoy and take pleasure in the beautiful things in life. We know that details make the difference. And we sense that our customers feel and appreciate this difference.​



At Ronald Schmitt, we manufacture high-quality, unique furniture. In the age of mass products, we are committed to perfect craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials. Edges are smoothened and polished, weld seams are finished by hand and thus made invisible. Above all, however, we let the materials stand for themselves whether that’s wood, metal, stone, lacquer, or glass. You can’t make a good product with poor materials.
We take the necessary time and make no compromises, and this goes for the entire manufacturing process – we check and test what we create with a critical eye and a feel for the material. Do moving parts work as they should? Is the lacquer finish faultless? Are the edges precise? This is how we create the best quality and how our customers can sense, feel, and experience excellent craftsmanship first-hand.


We are inventors at heart and we want to inspire you when it comes to new technology, magical functions and refined details. The opposite of inventing is imitating. And imitating, as we all know, is delightfully easy. How boring. We deliberately go our own way. And we look for ideas that are amazingly new but fascinatingly simple. This path can sometimes be very rocky. We accept the challenges that arise and enjoying trying things out until they work smoothly, even if it means that we need a week or sometimes a year to do so. It’s no surprise maybe then, that we’ve got 20 patents behind our inventions. The decisive factor in all our inventions is not that we can do something, but that you can do something. At Ronald Schmitt, design and aesthetics have long been harmoniously combined with fascinating technology. With numerous well thought-out, smooth-running, and intuitively operable functions, we make your home a little more comfortable. Invisible rollers move tables as if by magic while hidden constructions create synchronous movements. Tabletops change their height at the touch of a button – discreet but intelligent. The beauty of our furniture is determined not only by its colour and materials, but also by how much pleasure it can give you in your home every day.


Our small furniture company is a place of unique creativity. Instead of off-the-shelf furniture, we create truly unique pieces. There are a million possibilities, but only one that will suit you and only you perfectly.